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Creative Brainstorming

Time required:

30 minutes.

What it does:

Develops your team’s brainstorming skills. It has the added benefit of exploring what changes your team would like to see within your department and how to make them possible.

flagThis activity is suitable for remote delivery.

flagThis team activity can be run as a stand-alone exercise on brainstorming, or as part of a session looking to develop the continuous improvement skills of your team. If you choose the latter, it is recommended that you follow this activity up with Plan a Change.

You will need:

Flipchart, paper and pens and enough green sticky dots for all team members to have three each. (If you can't source these, a green marker pen will do.)

In a nutshell:

Generate as many ideas as possible to improve your team’s performance and then look for ways to make the impossible possible.