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Plan a Change

Time required:

30 minutes.

What it does:

A practical team activity to demonstrate how to plan to implement real change or workplace improvements.

flagThis activity is suitable for remote delivery.

flagThis can be run as a stand alone activity or part of a longer session on Continuous Improvement. If you are doing the latter it is recommended that you complete this team activity either after Creative Brainstorming or New Ways to Make the Ordinary Extraordinary.

You will need:

The Plan a Change Handout for your team members (provided in the Resources tab).

flagBefore the session you will need to ask everyone attending to bring with them at least three ideas they have for improving performance within the department or team. Alternatively, if you run the Creative Brainstorming activity just before this one, you will have plenty of ideas in the room.

In a nutshell:

Take a real-life improvement needed in your team and ask your team to plan how to make the change happen.