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Thursday Insight: New Ways

Thursday Insight: New Ways

A manager’s role involves much more than telling people what to do; it is about engaging, inspiring and influencing.

With many now becoming a ‘remote’ manager for the first time, and adapting to a new ‘normal’, this can be a real challenge.  

Speaking as someone who has worked remotely for 7 years, it takes a bit of adjusting to. And, given the current situation, the sense of isolation that remote workers initially feel is likely to be amplified.

Managers will need to support their team members to adapt and stay focused and motivated.

This is where access to Managers’ Library can come in really handy. Not only do licensed managers have access to e-learning that will help them to develop their leadership skills; they also have access to a range of team activities that can be delivered remotely.

These activities will help managers upskill team members whilst they are working from home. Just as importantly, there are some great activities that will enable teams to spend time together and feel less isolated.

These sessions will also give team members the opportunity to talk honestly and openly with one another and, based on my experience with the rest of the Glasstap team, they also often generate a lot of laughter; something that we all need right now.

There are lots of great software solutions available to run these sessions that are quick and easy to download. (If it helps, we use Zoom for our meetings.)

In order to help you identify the material suitable for remote learning easily, simply type the search term “Remote” into the search box and you’ll see all the activities that managers can run with their teams.

To help get you started, here are a few of my favourites:

Most of these exercises can be run exactly as described. For others you will need to make minors tweaks to deliver them remotely. But, as ever, the team at Glasstap are on hand if you have any questions or need ideas.

Good luck and please keep in touch.

All the best


April 2 2020 Frances Ferguson
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