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Frances Ferguson


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Customer Relationship Manager

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[email protected]


I started my career as a successful manager in a leading multinational company where I gained a reputation for motivating and developing my team to excel. My experience as a leader taught me the importance of preparing our people for maximum performance.

It taught me to be a passionate advocate of nurturing individuals with targeted development to ensure they, and the business, make the best use of their skills.

I have worked as a senior training consultant internationally and have successfully designed and delivered professional development & leadership training for companies in the UK, Europe, America, the Middle East & Australasia.

As a long standing customer & fan of Glasstap I was delighted when Rod & Craig offered me the opportunity to join the team and help spread the word about the treasure trove of riches that is available for Glasstap members.

I am passionate about helping other to creating inspiring & challenging learning experiences that help people to shine.

My skill is in designing training that is experiential, interactive and above all focused on helping the learner to acquire the knowledge so that they walk out of the training room with the desire & the confidence to make the changes at work.

As a member of the Glasstap team I can use my expertise as a training professional to help you get the best out of your membership.

Oh & I haven't hung up my training design boots just yet, so if you think of any training areas you wish we had in Trainer's Library please let me know.

My Philosophy
Someone recently asked me to sum up what I was all about, what my values were in the field of L&D? It was a great question & one that after careful reflection was easy to answer.

For me it's all about 3 things:

1 - Being a trainer that inspires others to excel
2 - Engaging my learners - I want them to go on a journey that
will carry on long after we've all left the training room.
3 - Delivering training that is all about the changes people

If you want to know more about what I do then come & visit us at or join the conversation on twitter @youexcelerate