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Thursday Insight: January Blues

Thursday Insight: January Blues

After the Yuletide celebrations, January is the month when we’re likely to ‘return to earth with a bump’.

Indeed, the third Monday in January is often referred to as Blue Monday; the saddest day of the year.

These January Blues can be caused by many factors, such as the weather, having overspent over Christmas or maybe putting on a bit of weight after overindulging.

All are understandable reasons for feeling down. But what if it’s something more than that?

What if it is about missing all that positive interaction with other people? After all, during the festive period, we are far more likely to have conversations, even with random strangers, where we are wishing them happiness.

Contrast that with all the rancour and disagreement over Brexit, climate change and now the so called “Megxit”?

In that context, the festive season was a welcome break; some might say a ceasefire, from hostilities.

So I was particularly taken when I spotted this quote from Abraham Lincoln:

“I don’t like that man.
I must get to know him better.”

Have another read of it; there is so much wisdom contained in those 12 words, but let’s be candid, as wise as these words are, few of us consistently take this approach.

But what if we did? What impact would it make to our wellbeing? What skills would we need to focus on to get better at it?

To be able to answer this, we need to be honest with ourselves. Are there any common traits in the circumstances that lead us to not liking people? Do we have a ‘type’? Is it to do with our self-esteem? Maybe we only want to listen to people who agree with us? Or maybe it is just good old miscommunication; one person said one thing and the other person heard something else.

This latter issue was the inspiration behind activities such as Miss Communication, Channels of Influence and The House. They’re great for running with your team.

But if you also want to work on improving how you respond to others (both personally and professionally), we have some great videos, including Difficult Conversations, Introducing the Johari Window, Conflict Resolution, Emotional Intelligence and Responding to Negative Feedback.

January 23 2020 Frances Ferguson
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