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Letters Get Better

Time required:

30 minutes.

What it does:

Each team faces a challenge designed to put their problem solving skills to the test. Help them to discover what behaviours are effective, which may cause issues, and how they can work to make sure they make continuous improvements. 

flagThis is an extended version of the Problem Solving team activity The Problem with Letters. This version includes a focus on Continuous Improvement.

You will need:

The Letters Get Better game boards and letter cards (provided in the Resources tab) are needed for the activity. Each group will need a copy of each of the star challenges and a stopwatch. 

You will need a copy of the solutions.

In a nutshell:

Which team will succeed in creating a star shape made up of two 5-letter words, one 4-letter word and two 2-letter words from the letters they are given? 

Which teams will learn from the experience and improve their performance?