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Meeting Costs

Time required:

15 minutes.

What it does:

Encourages participants to think about the true cost of meetings and why it is so important to ensure that meetings are effective.

flag This activity is suitable for remote delivery.

You will need:

A calculator, a copy of the salary bands and a copy of the handout from the Resources tab for each participant. This team activity also involves the use of post-it notes and a flipchart.

flagBefore the meeting you will need to create a handout that details salary bands for the roles of the people who work in your team(s). To avoid any conversations about pay, we would recommend only detailing the starting salary for each band, but you can use actual salary costs if you wish.

flagWe also recommend completing the handout from the Resources tab yourself prior to the meeting so you know what the correct answer is. 

In a nutshell:

Using the guide provided, participants calculate the probable cost of having a meeting.