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Rod Webb


Job Title
Commercial Director

Contact Number
01434 381122

Mobile Number
07811 162960

[email protected]


Rod is the co-founder and co-owner of Glasstap, a company that was born from a passion for learning and development and for helping people realise their individual and collective potential.

He is the author of much of Trainers’ Library’s early content, including Witches of Glum, Murder at Glasstap Grange, Jack Fruggles and, his personal favourite, Hold the Front Page.

Rod’s proudest achievement to date is the endorsement from Show Racism the Red Card for Witches of Glum, an exercise that is now widely used in schools to raise awareness of stereotypes and prejudices.

Rod has a passion for creativity and innovation and loves change.

In his previous career established a reputation as both a maverick and as an agent for successful change – someone who could come into a team and work with them to transform their performance.

Some would say he’s addicted to change. This may be true, but he says the most important thing he’s learned about change is that most people like change they control – few people like change they feel is forced on them by others.

Outside of work, Rod’s greatest passion is his horses and he has recently embarked on a new adventure – training a previously unhandled (albeit quiet!) horse.

He also loves creative writing (Rod, not the horse) but having a job that involves lots of hours at a computer means that finding leisure time to sit at the computer is tricky. He still expects to finish a novel eventually but is working up to this by trying at least to finish a short story or two in the meantime!

Rod tries to find time most days to play the piano – purely for personal pleasure – he’s not that good!